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Welcome to the 1 month balancing plan.

This eating and living schedule is recommended for you as it will aid in returning your body and mind back to balance. 

This food and lifestyle guidance is suitable for someone of any constitution. 

If you have specific foods that have been advised to add in or take out, then adapt this guidance to suit your individual needs.

As with any guidance given, always pay attention to how certain foods and choices make you feel. If something feels uncomfortable for you, then please speak with Rebecca and she will find an alternative.

Yes & Less (Do's and don'ts)

As you are only human, it will be hard to follow these all of the time, so aim for 80-90% and be easy on yourself :)


Drink warm/room temp/hot liquids

Leave half an hour before and after meals before drinking 

Only eat when genuinely hungry and your digestive fire is strong

Each freshly cooked food prepared with love and care

Eat sat with good posture either on a chair or cross legged on the floor

Eat fruit on an empty tummy and on it's own

Eat mostly cooked and warm foods

Only enjoy cold yogarts/ice cream/thick cold liquids on an empty tummy on a rare occassion

Only drink when thirsty and have small sips, preferably sat down (around 2ltrs + per day is a good sign of balance. If you find you
are hardly ever thirsty this could be something to discuss with Rebecca)


Drinking cold liquids or fizzy drinks (unless with alcohol)

Drinking more than a few sips of warm water with a meal

Eating for the sake of it and snacking outside of your main meals

Eating pre-made processed foods including tinned foods

Eating with mis-aligned posture and moving about at meal times

Eating fruit on a full tummy or with other food groups

Eating raw or cold foods

Eating cold yogurts/ice cream/thick cold liquids on a full
tummy or with other foods

Constantly drinking for the sake of it and drink large amounts
standing up

Upon waking

A large cup of warm water. (Hot if preffered)


Stewed apples or ripe pears with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. (Add or take away spices per taste).

Wholemeal toast with 1 teaspoon organic ghee or butter.

Lunch or Dinner

Spiced soup.

Cumin, coriander, white and or sweet potato, 

fennel, mustard seeds, black pepper, rock salt/celery salt....

Spiced vegetable broth & white rice.

Cumin, coriander, white and or sweet potato, 

fennel, mustard seeds, black pepper, rock salt/celery salt....

Why spices? - Spices help you to digest your food. This in turn helps you to absorb the nutrients from the food. They are also super yummy and will help you to feel satisfied and content. 

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